Most Groups cannot justify adding someone full time to their staff with the experience that TSI can provide and find that TSI can plug into their team and provide this expertise in an economical and efficient fashion.


Hotel Owners

We help hotel owners with underperforming assets or who prefer to have a seasoned hotel professional assist their team in asset management or development.

Owners that have received feasibility reports and input from hotel management companies that benefit from having an experienced industry expert assist them to execute based upon this input to achieve a profitable result.

Owners that benefit from having an experienced industry professional assist them in analysis and identifying the best way to operate their hotel (self-managed, franchise or employ a hotel management group).

Owners that require assistance in identifying the best hotel brand and hotel management to optimize profit from their hotel investment. This often leads to TSI assisting with the negotiation of agreements between the Owner and the hotel operator.


Hotel Groups

Groups that require assistance with developing strategic planning that easily translates into identifiable steps for execution.



Investors that appreciate the value of having an active hotel investor and industry expert assist them with their investment activities in the industry.