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SHANGRILA SYDNEY_australia_04Advisory Services provided by TSI include:

  • Assistance in capital structuring (sourcing equity and debt)
  • Assistance in portfolio management. This relates to those with multiple assets in their portfolio that can benefit from input to assist them to manage this portfolio whether through preparation for sale to take advantage of market trends or adjusting capital structure (through bringing fresh capital in the form of private capital or utilizing the publicly traded capital markets)
  • Filling the Asset Management and Owners Representative role. This can often take the form of a reducing role for TSI, as experience shows that even a new organization can develop in-house capabilities which TSI is able to facilitate. In these cases, most often TSI has remained on the Owners team to provide the input that experience can provide but in a reduced role.
  • Assistance to Owners in determining the best manner in which to brand and manage their properties. This is not limited to finding an existing brand and management company but also in assisting Owners to develop (or grow) their own brand and management platform.
  • Assistance to Owners in selecting an existing brand and hotel management company if that is the best route to profit maximization.
  • Assistance in negotiating agreements with franchisors or hotel management companies
  • Assistance in developing strategic plans as relate hotel assets, management entities and programic investment.
  • Assistance in concept development
  • Assistance in design team assembly
  • Assistance in developing a renovation (or development) program (and its execution) in order to optimize profit
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